Mission Statement  

                                                       Mission Statement:

       The mission of Mae Eanes Middle School is to prepare students for high school through rigorous teaching and learning.


                                         Our Motto:

    " See the potential, make a difference."


                                       Vision Statement:

        Mae Eanes Middle School is a progressive school of excellence.

  About The School  

Mae Eanes History

Mae Eanes Middle School is located at 1901 Hurtel Street, in the Maysville Community of Mobile,Al. Eanes first opened her doors in 1953 as the first Junior High School in Mobile. The school was named in honor of Miss Mae Eanes, an educator and assistant principal at Murphy High School. Mae Eanes has been standing for 57 years  and serves over 400 6th - 8th grade students. There is a faculty of 44, including our administrators: Principal Patrick Armstrong, and assistant principal Mrs. Veronica Moore-Vinson. 

Mae Eanes is a transformed school. This transformation program began three years ago and is the first program of this type in any school disrtict in the United States.

Mae Eanes is up for the challenge, because at Mae Eanes We Build Success.