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Welcome to Mae Eanes Middle School Library Media Center!

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Every year at the Mae Eanes Middle School library, we have a variety of educational and entertaining books to fulfill our student's needs. Our books excel according to what reading level you read .Our library staff, which consists of Ms.Dailey, push us to the limit to read as much as we can, while we can. During the first and fourth quarters we are required to take the STAR computer test; a test that determines our reading level( the books from 0.1 to 12.9). Upcoming events in the library include our Annual Spring Book Festival, in which the Mae Eanes staff sell books to raise money for our school to purchase supplies. Our media center is also known for having great resource references. We have over 10 different collections of resources, including the following:encyclopedias, thesauruses and atlases; which date all the way back to the 1700's!

                                                     VISION STATEMENT

In collaboration with the school's learning community, Alabama's 21st Century library media programs will be the center of teaching and learning by providing access to quality collections and technologies and by extending services beyond the library media center's four walls and the school day.


                                                                    MISSION STATEMENT

Alabama Department of Education: Alabama's School Library Media Handbook for the 21st Century Learner expresses the mission of Alabama's library media programs as supporting the school's instructional program to improve student learning and student achievement.